Artist Statement

Transformation is an inherently inspiring source for storytelling. The breakdown of architecture and place, the evolution of culture, the way water flows through the earth inspire me to capture their essences and create art somewhere between representational and abstract. My appreciation for the past and the passage of time resonate in my studio practice and ultimately in my paintings. I create abstract, textural works inspired by the interaction of culture, history, architecture, artifact, travel, and nature.

With paint and encaustic mediums I explore watering down, thickening up or suspending to ‘disturb’ layers or elements that explore a sense of time, memory, and place. I appropriate and evolve visual symbols to invite lyrical and meaningful ways of expressing life.

The Japanese notion of Wabisabi embodies the appreciation of honoring that which is broken and acknowledging time-worn surfaces and beauty in imperfection. This concept is key to my practice. My art is the product conveyed by years of observing. My quiet dedication to the exploration of techniques that express my view is tireless.

Untitled photo
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